Nitro Circus Ryan Williams CX3

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Nitro Circus was founded by friends with a passion for pushing the limits and having fun in the process. It’s this camaraderie and risk-taking spirit that defines everything they do. They continuously break boundaries in the name of innovation and adventure. 

Getting bigger, getting stronger and going larger. The new Nitro Circus CX3 complete scooter has just rolled into town. The bright colors and sleek design makes this an ideal first complete scooter for all you beginner and advancing scooter riders out there.

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  • Deck - 4.75" Wide x 21.25" Long
  • Fork - Alloy Threadless Fork
  • Handlebar - Alloy Bar, 22.8" Wide x 22.8" High Y Bar
  • Clamp - Double Clamp
  • Grips - 140mm Soft Grips
  • Wheel - 110mm Alloy Core LP
  • Head Parts HIC - Mini Headset Threadless + HIC
  • Brake - 3 Bolt Brake
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